Welcome to Armidale - Armidale Autumn Festival 2005

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Armidale Festival 2005



Beginning of the Street Parade - Armidale City Pipe Band Vintage Cars - Armidale Dumaresq Council Counsellors TAS School Band

UNE Language Training Centre UNE International Students UNE International Students
Pipe Band Earle Page College, UNE, Coast Run Martial Arts
Camp Quality PLC Armidale Ride on Lawn Mowers
Armidale City Public School Over the Rainbow Over the Rainbow
LW Burgess

Ben Venue Public School

The Winning Float

Martins Gully Public School
Drama Tractors International Flavour
Emergency Services Large Transportation Army
The last of the Parade The Creeklands - Food Stall The Creeklands - TAS Big Band
The Creeklands - Pipe Bands Playing in the background The Creeklands - Vintage Cars  


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