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Basketball Nominations Out


The basketball season for Armidale is gearing up to begin during the third week of the school term.


The basketball season comprises of three sections: term 1 being a preseason competition lasting 7 or 8 weeks; the Winter Trophy Competition which runs over terms 3 and 4 of the year and finally the Term 4 competition which is a social competition and will often involved mixed basketball competitions for all grades.


Basketball nominations for senior, junior and minibasketball  teams are now available for the 2008 season.


Nominations are available for Men & Women in A grade, B Grade and C grade.  The men’s competition will move to Thursday evenings after 7pm, while the Women remain on Wednesdays.  The Tuesday night junior competition will begin with a  school based competition for players in years 7 & 8 (Div 2) and 9 & 10 (div 1)  and an opens division for both boys and girls. 


Minibasketball for primary school players will remain on Thursday evenings from 4pm.


Registration fees remain at $70 for players turning 18 or more in 2008 (senior), $60 for players turning 17 or less in 2008(junior) while Miniball fees will drop to $40 for players turning 11 or less in 2008.  This fee will cover players for up to 12 months of basketball in any competition. 


Game fees will remain the same as last year with senior competition games at $6 per player, junior games (Tuesdays) at $5 per player and Miniball at $4 per player or payable in a lump sum for the term. 


We encourage players to seek out friends to help keep team numbers up.  Team nominations should  have at least 7 players listed.  New players wishing to find a team can contact Judy on 67727771 and be put on the ‘Lost Souls’ list and we will try to get them into  a team.  Teams who need extra players can also contact this number.


Nomination forms are available from Armidale Sportspower, Struddies Sports and from 165 Brown Street.  Nomination forms are due on  Friday 8 February with games expected to begin on Monday 18 February.

Miniball will have 2 registration and skills days on Feb 7th and 14th from 5pm. To be placed in a team, players must attend one of these sessions.

For further enquiries please contact  Judy Monaghan 67727771. 


We have finally rescheduled the Level 0 Referees Course to Sunday 3 February at the Den.  The course will start at 10am and finish at 4pm.  There is no cost for this course.  With many of our referees leaving in 2008, we will need to train more refs for the future.


Representative Basketball will also start training sessions and trials.  All players, coaches and parents of interested players are required to attend a trials session at ‘The Den’ at Armidale High on Sunday 10th and 17th February from 11am to 12.30.  Before Armidale nominates the teams, we have to check for dedicated players who wish to extend themselves.

Categories that are being called for include U18s (turning 16 or 17 this year), U16s (turning 14 or 15), Under 14s (turning 12 or 13) and Under 12s (turning 11 or less this year).  These categories apply to all boys and girls.  If we have enough interest from players, then we will organise teams to compete in the Northern Junior League Competition (NJL).  In general, representative basketball involves a regular training session and four or five weekends away playing against other towns such as Port, Coffs, Grafton and Tamworth.  There is a cost involved in representative games, and all details can be found out by attending one of the trial dates.





Miniball will start the year with a registration & skills session at the Den on 7th & 14th February at which times the players will be organised into teams.  Players in years 3 & 4 are asked to turn up at 5pm while players in years 5 & 6 should come along at 6.00.


Newsletters and nomination forms will be available from the  schools and also at Struddies and Sportspower or by phoning 67727771.


For those players who are not registered or need to renew their registration, fees will be $40 for the 12 months.  Game fees are separate and are $4 per game or $30 per term.


Games are Thursday afternoons from 4pm indoors at The Den, and take about 1hour.  There are separate sections for under children in years 5 & 6, and for others in years 3 & 4 at school.  A Beginner Basketball session is available at 4pm if enough interest is shown.  This caters for the Kinder, first and second year students.


The Association needs the active support of parents to ensure that your child(ren) get the most enjoyment out of mini-basketball.  Being involved in kids' sport is also fun.  You can be a great help by giving an hour or so a week in one of the following ways:  helping to organise the team in which your child plays;  turning up to the game;  being a point of contact amongst your players and between your team and the association;  and helping with scoring and court supervision.  We are also very keen to know about anyone who might be able to referee on a regular basis.  For all enquiries, please contact

Judy Monaghan on 67727771. 



Nomination Form  - Seniors & Juniors


Preseason & Winter Trophy Competition


Nominations Due Friday 8 Feb 2008

To 165 Brown Street or Box 405, Armidale


TEAM NAME:  __________________________________________________


TEAM COLOURS: _________________________________________________________

(Please confirm team colours before nominating, if you are a new team or if you are changing colours - First choice will be given to established teams and their colours)

Juniors will play school based competition for term 1 and  general teams for Winter Competition.

Senior Grades:         MA       MB        MC        WA       WB        WC                         

Junior Grades:            Men     Women                        Yr 7/8             Yr9/10             Opens

Circle your nominated grade.    The Association reserves the right to regrade teams where necessary AND change anticipated playing nights.


Team Contact:           Name __________________________________________ Phone (h) _________________ Phone (w) _______________


Any Referees?  Please list _________________________________________________________________________________________________


Player Name

Phone No



Reg Expiry






























































There is no nomination fee for the preseason competition.



BRIEF OUTLINE OF BASKETBALL FOR THE  2008 Winter Trophy Competition


Please fill in all details.  Much of the details on file may be out of date.


Please send forms to :  ABAI, PO Box 405, Armidale, 2350; or drop in to 165 Brown St.


Nominations Due: (On a team basis) Friday 8th  February 2008. Games expected to start Tuesday 19 Feb 2008.


Venues:  ‘The Den’ in Butler St. (AHS grounds)


TimesGames begin at 6pm for senior grades and 5pm for junior grades. The games-day allocation to grades is expected to be: Junior Boys and Girls - Tuesday , Senior Women’s games - Wednesday –,Miniball – Thursday 4 – 7pm followed by Senior Men’s games  on Thursday from 7pm However, there may be scheduling troubles which cause the occasional change. 


Registration Fees:  Once a year

Senior Players (turning 18 or more in 2008)........................             $70.00

Junior Players (turning 17 or less in 2008)..........................             $60.00

Miniball players (turn 11 or less in 2008)............................             $40.00

Note: this is an annual fee which becomes due at the beginning of the school term in which it was paid.  Eg if paid in March, Registration becomes due on 1st Feb of the following year.  Please contact Judy Monaghan on 67727771 to check your registration status.




Court Fees:   $6 per person in senior grades (Note:  Juniors who play in the senior grades pay senior court fees.)  Junior grades pay $5 per person.  Miniball players pay $4 per game or $30 per term.  Any person filling in for a team must pay the required court fees.


Referees:  As we are losing several referees this year, it is important that all capable players make themselves available if needed.  Please indicate all referees in your team for scheduling. Referees are paid a fee for referee duty per game depending on their level of qualification.

Level 1  - $12;   Level ½  $10;        Level 0  - $8;           Referee in Training/Youth  - $5.  Check out details about Level 0 Course beginning 3rd  February.


Game DutyTeams failing to provide 2 people for duty when rostered will incur point penalties. Please read the local rules.  We cannot run games if there is no one to score them.  Junior teams are required to supply people to do duty on their own game.  This benefits both players and parents as they only have to be present for one game and not two.


Playing in other grades:   The junior competition is completely separate to the senior competition and juniors may play full-time in one senior team and one junior team at the same time.  Seniors may play up grades as often as they like, but do not qualify for the semis or finals unless a permanent transfer up is requested (see local rules).  Players may not play down grades unless they have obtained written permission from the committee.


Forfeits:        Teams are required to give 24 hours notice of a forfeit.  If no notice or sufficient notice is given, the team will be fined $50, payable to the court supervisor within 2 weeks.  A team is required to have 4 paying players on the court 10 minutes after the clock starts to avoid any monetary fines.  This will be fully enforced during 2008 as we have to pay all court hire that is booked.  Even if it is not one players fault, the fees will have to be paid.  More details are available in the local rules.


Lost Souls:  For players who do not have a team to join, leave your details with Judy on 67727771 and we will try to fit you into a team.  Sometimes we can also find extra players for teams who are short of players.


Communication:    A new mailing list will be compiled this year.  If you wish to receive the weekly ‘blurb’ and notices, please include an email address on the nomination form.


Local Rules:      Copies of local rules and injury reporting procedures are available upon request or from the court supervisor’s book at the stadiums.


Uniforms:    There are many uniforms still outstanding from previous years.  Where available, uniforms may be hired for a per person fee of $10 for up to 12 months.  Lost or damaged uniforms will cost a player $30 to replace.  These must be signed out and paid for before being handed out.


Representative Teams:   Players interested in playing inter town competition in U14, U16 or U18 men’s or women’s please contact Rick Porter on 67728504 or Richard Stayner on 67714290.







This course will now be held over two Sundays.


Begins February 3rd and ends Feb 10th


From 3pm to 6pm SUNDAYS


The course is aimed at new and near new referees.  If you have only done one course, then it is a good idea to do it again to pick up on all that you have missed or forgotten. 


There is no cost for the course

The course will be held at the Den.  Bring afternoon tea. Make sure you have your joggers on.

Contact Judy Monaghan on 67727771 to put your name down.


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