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Armidale has an amazing amount of talent - look at some of the books that are on offer.

Customer Service Workbook


Wild Discovery

  Funny Thing About Horses ...
Customer Service.  An excellent tool for Customer Service is this 30 page workbook by Sue Gregory. Learn more about customer service.  

by Len Zell

0407 456 288

02 6772 3605


  Funny Thing About Horses ... by Bill Upjohn and David Pearson.  A hilariously funny group of short stories about horses. To find more about this  book.

Surfing Your Horizons

  Telephone Skills VideoTelephone Skills CD   Skills Audit

Surfing Your Horizons - by Michael Creagan.  A book to show you how to identify your strengths, aspirations and goals and then seek out and secure your perfect job. learn more about your



Telephone Skills - CD or Video

by Michael Creagan. 

A video or CD which teaches the basics of job-search telephone skills techniques, ie:

·    how to design a script

·    how to get the decision maker’s name

·    how to apply for advertised positions



Skills Audit CD

by Michael Creagan. 

A CD with a structured program providing a format for job seekers to identify their “perfect career” -


Fee's Work of Art -

Specialists in personalised wedding stationery!

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