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Armidale TAFE Film & Video School - Summer School


"THE NUT" hits Armidale TAFE - see photos below


New England Institute of TAFE has been hosting a summer school in Film, Video and Performance, which is an Australian first, offering acting and production together.  Nine students from Armidale, Glen Innes and Tamworth, ranging in age, skill and vocation have got together and learnt technical jargon from the film industry, roles of the crew, camera angels, exposure, lighting, sound, storyboards, acting, scripting and edition - all in two weeks.  There is a variety of expertise amongst the students from novices to people who have had a little industry experience.


The students are fortunate to have had the guidance of Stephen Dobson, ACS, cinematographer, renowned for his work on Moulin Rouge, Razorback, numerous advertisements and has won an AFI Award from Ground Zero.  Steve has been their creative teacher, inspiration and guide.  To demonstrate the skills that these students have learnt in the two weeks, they have shot and produced a short film, incorporating all the elements that they learnt in week one of the course.  The final product, a short film called "The Nut" (a screenplay by Stephen Dobson, which involved the supremacy of the underdog in a rural courtroom setting), will have its screening debut sometime in the next few months when the editing is complete to everyone's satisfaction.  At the completion of the final edited film, all students receive a DVD of the production to use as a show reel to help further their careers.  We are extremely fortunate that Steve has chosen Armidale to relocate and invest himself in our community, to impart his knowledge and over 20 years of film expertise.


Because Armidale has an underlying interest in theatre and film, in the future it is hoped that there would be enough interest to attract an ongoing film festival and the possibility of a film cooperative.  

Course participants:

  • Meredith Adams

  • Cathy Pearson

  • Dawn O'Reilly

  • Kate Coward

  • Imy Rogers

  • Liz Anderson

  • Jon Maxwell

  • Jake Ieus

  • Sue Gregory

(On the Set)  Kate Coward, Steve Dobson, Jake Ieus, Meredith Adams, Imy Rogers

(Editing) Liz Anderson, Jon Maxwell, Steve Dobson, Imy Rogers, Jake Ieus, Kate Coward

(On the Set)  Jon Maxwell, Liz Anderson, background Meredith Adams, Kate Coward, Sue Gregory

(On the Set)  Dawn O'Reilly

(On the Set)  Dawn O'Reilly, background Jon Maxwell

(Camera/Lights)  Cathy Pearson, Liz Anderson, background Dawn O'Reilly, Meredith Adams

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