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Natural Therapy incorporates many disciplines in treating someone, naturally.  Below is a list of the local Armidale Natural Therapists.   

Natural Therapists

Salvina Xuereb

Armidale Natural Therapies

173A Beardy Street

(above Filling Groovy)

Armidale NSW 2350

0421 696 375

Rod & Coral Coleman

225 Simmons Road

Armidale  NSW  2350

(02) 6772 7514



Armidale Healing Centre

214 Rusden Street

Armidale NSW 2350
(02) 6771 3469 


Armidale Herbary

128 Markham Street

Armidale NSW 2350
(02) 6772 6999 


New England Naturopaths

New England Food for Thought, Kmart Plaza

Armidale NSW 2350
0418 446 615 


Kee Lee

145a Markham Street

Armidale NSW 2350
(02) 6772 7477 


Michael Pampel

Suite 15 Faulkner House 93 Faulkner St Armidale NSW 2350
(02) 6772 5967 

Sheridon's Naturopathic Clinic

3 Laurence Avenue

Armidale NSW 2350
0418 656 414 


What is BodyTalk?


BodyTalk is a fast growing holistic healthcare system that creates an energy balance in the bodymind by inducing the body’s own innate restotaive powers.


Is simple, safe and non-invasive


Through neuromuscular feedback the client’s body informs the practitioner what its balancing priorities are, and in which sequence they need to be linked. This helps to reestablish good communication and facilitate healing.


The practitioner then contacts the areas highlighted and lightly taps the client on specific acupressure points on the head and heart. This encourages the natural healing processes in the body.


Bodytalk is used to address physical, mental and emotional issues. Thus it can be a stand alone system or enhancing the effectiveness of other healthcare modalities.


BodyTalk has had outstanding results in the treatment of muscular aches and pains, chronic fatigue, digestive disorders, allergies, infections, stress, emotional imbalances, immune and circulatory systems functioning and much more.


Most people also find that they are more relaxed and able to enjoy life with energy and enthusiasm.


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