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Basic Listing

A basic listing on armidale.info provides for you, for free, your business name, street address and telephone number. Email this information to the address below if you wish for it to be included on the site.

Advanced Listing

If you are after an Advanced Listing on the www.armidale.info website, a link is provided from the appropriate business page on the armidale.info website to your own page, promoting your business. From this page, there are links to your website and email address. This page contains content that you deem suitable for promoting your business such as logo, photos, mud map and some basic information about your business. You also receive links from other relevant pages on the armidale.info website.

The cost of an Advanced Listing is $240 for the first year and $165 subscription each year after this.

If you wish to have an Advanced Listing, please let us know and send through some photos/logo to our email (shown below). A sample page will be created and on approval, the page will go live.

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