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Armidale Sustainable Living


28 May 2006


The Annual New England

Sustainable Living Tour


Tour participants on the weekend of 27th & 28th May, 2006 will be surprised and delighted to visit an innovative array of homes and gardens built around the theme of sustainable living. You are invited to experience rammed earth, stone, strawbale, mudbrick, tyre and conventional homes. Last years participants were thrilled to meet our site owners and share information regarding sustainable practices. The tour costs $50 per personal vehicle, and includes a special Tour Guidebook which can be purchased from the Armidale Visitor Centre on 1800 627 736 or book online at www.armidaletourism.com.au. For further information and tour purchases you can also ring Robyn Newberry on 6775 3877 or Ruth Tremont on 6771 4630.

The Tour costs $50 per personal vehicle, purchased in advance from; the Armidale Visitor's Centre - 02 6772 9275 and includes a special Tour guidebook. More information and Tour purchases are also available from Ruth Tremont on 6771 4630 or Robyn Newberry on 6775 3877.


The Guide Book will be available.

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